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Your website is an extension of you. It is a member of your marketing department when it generates leads from a contact form. It is part of your sales force when you sell items using e-commerce. It is a member of your human resources department when you post career opportunities on your site. In a very real sense, it’s your digital image.

That’s why you don’t want to entrust this job to just anyone. 

Our {Web Solutions} creative team works on the basis of three main principles:

  • Appeal: Styles change, and that’s truer on the web than anywhere else.  Presenting your customers with yesterday’s web design is like walking into their office in bellbottoms.  We can help you stay on the cutting edge, and with our convenient Web Advantage Plan, we can help normalize the cost.
  • Usability: A usable site takes advantage of visual and verbal cues to help your clients find what they need.  A Link website is like a clear roadmap, providing every user with a clear path, so that they can turn your data into decisions.
  • Uniqueness: If a website is a company’s digital image, then why do so many of them look the same?  The web designers at Link pride themselves on creating sites that, above all, convey that creative spark that makes your company who you are.

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