Link offers its clients flexibility to add or augment their professional staff in the manner most appropriate for their circumstances and objectives:


Link finds a consultant that will contract with your organization for the period of time necessary for your project.  From sixty days to two years, Link can match a contractor to your needs.


Many organizations want the ability to hire a consultant if the project is a success, the project requirements change going forward, or the consultant offers skills required in other parts of the organization.  Link can screen consultants that are open to long-term commitments if the potential need is noted early in the process.  This is an excellent option to screen good candidates or to stay lean if you don’t have current budget authorization for a permanent hire.

Direct Hire

Link maintains a database with thousands of consultants and can identify and locate matches to your needs very quickly.  Many of the consultants are willing to take on a permanent position.  Link’s experience and recruiting network allow you to interview some of the best talent available – talent that may not respond to newspaper ads or job board postings.

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