PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

  • The latest and greatest development language for the i.
  • The leading scripting language for building web applications.
  • Starting April 21st, 2010, Zend and IBM have announced an updated, streamlined version of their PHP package for IBM i, called Zend Server.

Why should I consider PHP for my Power (AS/400) system?

  • Modern User Interface / Browser based – customers, vendors and employees now demand a modern interface similar to web applications they use everyday.
  • Real-time web access to data – publish data from
    your Power (AS/400) system in real time. No more file transfers to
    another database. No more data synchronization issues.
  • PHP Programs look and feel like a very modern
    application you access on the Internet.  Link utilizes PHP to develop
    all sorts of applications for our customers.  Web applications,
    intranets, financial applications, you name it, PHP is that flexible.
  • Re-use RPG/COBOL business logic. Many dollars and
    years have been invested in developing applications to run your
    business. Thankfully, you can re-use this logic saving you time and
    money in the process!

Try Link’s PHP RapidStart program

Learn how to implement PHP on your system through a co-development with Link.

Our experts will work with your staff to select a pilot “Proof of Concept” project. We provide a PHP framework to help you with rapid and standard web development. Link will train your developers how to get started with PHP, while developing a functional application to use as a model for future development.  Fixed price available based on the scope of your “POC” .

No Charge Technology assessment!

Link's Solutions Architect will discuss your current Information Technology Plan, and evaluate ways to improve your use of Power Systems Technology.

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