IBM and looksoftware announce RPG Open Access! [click here] to learn more.

looksoftware introduces re:new, newlook's market leading webfacing support for mobile, thin, RIA, and rich client UIs. Supports .net technologies WPF, Silverlight,&WCF. [click here] to learn more.

Reuse, extend, integrate and web-enable your existing System i and System z applications.

Dynamic application modernization and integration solutions for customers and application vendors. Our on-the-fly architecture automates the modernization process, requiring no changes to your back-end System i, AS/400, iSeries and System z applications.

Front-end modernization supporting

  • rich, thin and mobile multi-channel GUIs
  • integration with virtually any desktop, web and back-end application
  • delivery of core applications in popular UIs like Outlook® and Google™
  • integration with most portals
  • offline support

Back-end modernization supporting

  • creation of SOA compliant Web services from unchanged backend applications
  • two-way Web services support
  • 5250, 3270, DDM, ADO and RPC support

Composite solutions environment supporting

  • on-the-fly delivery of new solutions
  • assemble composite applications by connecting your core application components with external applications and services

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