Server Watch

Today’s business doesn’t simply rely on the availability of the IT infrastructure anymore. IT has become a critical business driver where downtime generates unacceptable economic loss. Organizations invest huge amounts of money and resources in the implementation and maintenance of high availability environments but often neglect proper monitoring and management of the infrastructure.

Managed Server Services routinely consist of three layers:

  • Prevention: pro-active interventions to prevent downtime
  • Detection: immediate awareness of problems occurrence
  • Response: timely response to correct detected problems

Prevention and detection require continuous monitoring. Link Computer Corporation keeps a watchful eye on your critical services, hardware components and system & event logs. Corrective actions can be quickly initiated remotely.

Working with Link’s NetCare Managed Services allows organizations to scale their service model to meet their requirements. This flexibility allows companies to dramatically reduce service outages and operational expenses, thereby reducing their total cost of ownership (TCO).

Links Managed Services suite includes:

Server Watch
This is a 24/7 monitoring, analysis, escalation and repair service based on alerts and early warning data received on-site monitoring software. Typically any server monitoring tool generates nine to 20 alerts per day, per server. Under Server Watch, NOC engineers watch the alerts, analyze them and intelligently repair and/or escalate issues.

Server Watch - Features

  • 24/7 monitoring, analysis and alerts
  • Anti-virus monitoring
  • Backup monitoring
  • Patch management

Server Watch – Preventive Alerts

  • Hardware (memory, disk, RAID, UPS)
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 and later
  • Active Directory
  • Linux
  • Microsoft Exchange 2000 and later
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and later
  • Microsoft Small Business Server
  • Citrix Metaframe

Server Care
Includes all the great services of our Server Watch program, but adds direct response and remediation as alerts arise! When our team of engineers see an alert from any of your monitored systems, we can remotely remediate the issue…many times before our clients even know an issue exists! If your issue requires the attention of an on-site engineer, we handle the assignment and dispatch immediately upon escalation.

Reporting Engine and Executive Reports
Desktop Care, Server Watch & Server Care come with reporting features containing pre-defined reports for asset management, performance trending, patch analysis, anti-virus and anti-spyware details as well as change reports. Link’s engineering staff also has the capability to create customized reports. Additionally, our service creates an “Executive Reports” — either on demand or at the end of the month.


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