Link Computer Corporation offers remote monitoring and management services to small, medium and large sized businesses. Whether it is cost prohibitive to hire full-time IT personnel or you need to augment your current staff's availability, Link can provide you the expertise you need at a fraction of the cost.

Link offers its NetCare Managed Services suite to help fine-tune your business.

Rather than spend valuable resources watching data backup routines and other network administrative tasks, you can rely on Link to monitor and manage these activities at a lower total cost to your business. Our NOC engineers diagnose and fix problems remotely when possible. If the issue requires an on-site expert, the appropriate resource will be deployed based on a pre-determined escalation policy of your choosing.

Link’s NetCare Managed Services portfolio has offerings that can be used independently or combined together to enhance your existing IT staff.

  • [SiteCare] - Link is pleased to introduce “SiteCare”…our service solution designed to provide expert, pre-scheduled, onsite technical assistance, delivered to you at a substantial discount over standard service prices. SiteCare, unlike “reactive” break-fix services, is a proactive, structured approach to obtaining IT support with predictable costs and defined deliverables. Best of all, SiteCare can be customized to provide the specific maintenance services you need, when you need them!

Link has several Remote Services from which to choose:

  • [Desktop Care] - This preventive maintenance service for desktops proactively and regimentally maintains the most troublesome areas of desktop management. Virus problems, spyware issues and patching are handled as an unobtrusive, background service.
  • [Server Watch] - This is a 24/7 monitoring, analysis, escalation and repair service based on alerts and early warning data received via on-site monitoring software. Typically a server monitoring tool generates nine to 20 alerts per day, per server. Under Server Watch, NOC engineers watch the alerts, analyze them and intelligently escalate issues with remediation steps to your IT staff, or to our team of engineers who can address the issue.

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